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Excellence and safety

Thanks to the company’s seven decades of experience, and development of the most advanced technologies for management of all “cold chain” stages, Verrini provides all guarantees in respect of the strictest food quality and safety parameters.

For each product typology, the process of purchasing, processing and distributing is based on three fundamental parameters:

  • selecting the best sources for the products and raw materials supplied
  • constant monitoring of all processing stages
  • constant supervision and application of protocols and of auto-control plans (HACCP) on the part of the Verrini Quality Division
Product types
Live products

A number of products are delivered
to the customer as live products,
including certain species of fish,
certain types of Crustaceans and
all shellfish.

Fresh products

Any edible fishery product
available in domestic and
international marketplaces

Fish farming products

Products of fish farms that are selected through
consolidated partnership relations.
The farms can certify that their production
chain is natural and sustainable. Fish
farming products include

Frozen and quick-frozen products

Hundreds of items and all product
typologies from all locations worldwide.

The products preferred are those already
processed on the high seas, aboard “factory ships” capable
of directly managing the quick-freezing stages just minutes
after the catch has been brought on board, providing
maximum safety and quality guarantees.

Smoked and preserved products

A vast range of products including salmon (also fished in the wild),
swordfish and tuna for smoking, as well as
specialities such as botargo (salted mullet roe),
tuna fish preserved in oil and de-luxe caviar.

Salted and dried products

Many regional recipes require salted and dried seafood products. Klippfisch and stockfish are two prime traditional ingredients and very much a part of Italy’s culinary excellence.

Verrini serves as a veritable beacon and point of reference within the world of traditional fishery specialities. Verrini has dedicated the Borzoli plant to processing top quality Norwegian arctic cod to provide gourmets with a vast range of klippfisch and stockfish product types and sizes, delighting diners and meeting the needs of all catering establishments.

Salted klippfisch, with bone (Gadus morhua)
Salted and soaked large klippfisch fillets (Gadus morhua)
Salted and soaked large klippfisch fillets (Gadus macrocephalus)
Large fillets of ling, salted and soaked
Salted Brosme (cusk) fillets
Dried stockfish
Soaked stockfish extra
Soaked stockfish
Soaked stockfish, sliced / fresh / frozen

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